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    • Underground Alignment Lasers

      For safe and accurate measurements in the alignment of drill and blast mark-ups in underground mines, GEO-Laser have produced the TL-80 Laser. The TL-80 emits a laser beam as reference axis. It has a horizontal and a vertical rotation axis system with clamp and fine adjustment knob for quick and exact fine...

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    • GEO-Laser's new green Pipe Laser

      Announcing the NEW GEO-Laser KL-90L and KL-91L pipe laser… with green diode technology.

      Ever since the introduction of GEO’s first pipe laser, the TL-7, in 1973, their lasers have been a fixture on construction sites around the world. 

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    • Z-Laser's solution for inspection of PCB and micro parts.

      To demonstrate the functionality of electronic components, the correct position must be guaranteed for the assembly of components for PCBs. Lasers are used for this purpose with very narrow lines and a homogeneous intensity distribution. The laser triangulation determines whether all of the required components were located and installed in...

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    • geo-Fennel Total Station FGS 1

      Unique GPS Set for multipurpose applications. The geo-FENNEL FGS 1 is a robust receiver designed for challenging environments integrated into a compact device that is lightweight and highly portable. The FGS 1 can track all current working GNSS constellations. By using a unique algorithm it can operate in RTK mode...

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    • geo-Fennel Total Station FTD 05 kicks a goal!

      geo-Fennel's totalstation Theodist FTD 05 is a real soccer sports fan. Now it's making sure stadium goal lines conform to FIFA regulations....

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